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September/October 2020

Hello and Welcome Everybody,

As Spring-time is now well and truly upon us, no doubt everybody will now be starting to notice the days getting warmer, and longer, and thus inspiration is in the air for the energy and vitality that comes with this time of year.

In my area (The Blue Mountains of NSW) the Spring Blossoms of Cherry, Apple, Plums and more, have been Spectacular! Already I am hearing stories about people spending more time in the shed on their special project as the bitter cold is now behind us, and this is welcome news.

As I write, thankfully the Covid cases are dramatically reduced across our nation, with 0 new cases recorded today in NSW. Optimistically, we may soon see some relief from the restrictions, and state borders may soon be opened up in some regions. Let us hope that our positive progress will continue.

With all of the dramatic changes that we have all faced (across the world) over the last 9 months, I am reminded that only last year, the notion of all the effects of the global pandemic would have been considered preposterous.
Yet here we are, in a new Era, looking at the world from a very different perspective.

Shutting down of public gatherings across the nation (and the world in general) saw us being forced to cancel local events, postpone our Federal Rally, and subsequently hold our annual AGM (a legal requirement) via a teleconference call with emailed proxies, something never before considered in the club’s history.

We have been able to partake in some internet web-based car shows (which provided a new way to promote our Marque), and with everybody spending more time at home, social media has been booming.

Last month I was able to join the ASOC in the UK for their AGM via Zoom-Meeting.
As part of the ‘Chairman’s Address’ Keith Dewhurst gave an overview of how the ASOC is moving forward.
Keith pointed out that the world's greater population are trending toward accessing cheap and/or free content via social media platforms and the web. As a result, the financial strengths of our past, based upon reliance of the Traditional Club/ Organizational Structures, is steadily diminishing.

The ASOC (in conjunction with the AS Heritage Trust, and ASOC Spares) is therefore expanding their income generating capacity in other areas. Spares will be expanded to be promoted more extensively over the world wide web, both via the ASOC Website, and social media.

There are also speculative proposals to expand into Restoration Services, not only for Armstrong Siddeley cars and specialty services, but also leveraging into profiting from the broader restoration (multi-make) market. Readers will be quick to note that here in Australia we are not blessed with the same markets, facilities and opportunities as our UK cousins. However, as the Global Pandemic has forced the world to do in so many circumstances, there are new ways of approaching problems and doing things that we can (and perhaps ultimately must) discover and embrace.

I don’t have all of the answers. Yet, many minds can create Great Works.
If you have any new ideas or proposals, please feel free to contact the Board or your Branch Representatives with your ideas. Yours may just be the next ‘bright spark’ that is fanned into the next ‘brilliant flame’.

Moving forward, we are optimistic that our restrictions will soon ease, and we will be able to hold our proposed Federal Rally in Renmark in 2021. The South Australian Branch have been working hard at re-designing the Rally format to fit in with ‘Covid- safe’ guidelines, so I invite everyone to start re-planning to get to Renmark next year.

At a more local level, many members are itching to get their cars out again for some days out.

In line with ‘Covid-safe’ guidelines, perhaps consider some ‘Observation Runs’ or ‘Guided Tours’ with a pre-prepared Questionnaire or Directions sent out ahead of time via email.
A ‘meeting’ of many people may be avoided by a ‘Drive-past’ at a designated starting location, at a set time, in order to embark upon the course. A pleasant drive or tour may be covered over the next hour or two, and perhaps concluded without ‘a meeting’ (of a large group of people) being conducted.

Even if driving solo, or just tinkering at home (self isolating) in the shed, I wish you a warm and welcome new start to Spring, and the inviting warmer months that follow.

Happy Motoring

Rowan Fitzpatricke
Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

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