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Welcome to the Pre-war Passion Page

There’s lots of Passion for Prewar Armstrong Siddeleys!

The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club aims to offer support to the owners of all Armstrong Siddeley models and their predecessors. Given the rarity of Pre-war AS cars in Australia, a special effort is required to ensure that the needs of owners of these unique vehicles are addressed.


In 2009 Andrew Christophersen, Barbara Pennington and Matthew Colebrook in a submission to the Board, highlighted the need to encourage owners of Pre-war AS cars. At that time they estimated that about 20% of the membership owned pre-war cars. Andrew and Barbara created a Pre-war passion graphic to accompany and highlight articles about Pre-war AS cars appearing in the Southern Sphinx.   Andrew provided a steady stream of articles under this heading for the Southern Sphinx  to offer something specifically for owners of Pre-war AS cars. This is still a feature of the magazine and the Editor is always looking for more items, technical or historical of interest to Pre-war owners.


In 2011 the ASCC Board created a Pre-war project team comprising John Colebrook and Andrew Christophersen, both owners of Pre-war AS cars and asked them to report to the Board  with suggestions as to how the  Club could support and encourage owners.  Andrew agreed at that time  to be the Pre-war model contact and initiated a survey of owners of  Pre-war AS cars to identify their needs.


Barbara Pennington and Andrew Christophersen devised a questionnaire. Andrew forwarded these questionnaires to members and telephoned  them to encourage a response. Some 62% of owners responded to the survey. Barbara analysed the results and provided a report to the Board which was reproduced in the July 2012 magazine.


Andrew Hyden contributed significantly to this project by locating and contacting owners of Pre-war Siddeleys who were not members of the Club, and encouraging them to join us.  


The Club is grateful to all those involved in this important task as this has set the scene for a resurgence of interest in these wonderful vehicles within our Club.


The Club is continually looking at ways to involve non-members as it sees the benefits to both members and non-members of sharing knowledge and resources.  Prewar Armstrong Siddeleys are rare vehicles so any pooling of resources is beneficial to all.


Our hard working spares officer, Geoff Tuckwell, is researching ways to better support Pre-war car owners with spare parts and is reviewing our inventory of pre-war parts.This is a large task , which should be available on the web page soon. As a result of the work of Robin Gibb, the Club is able to supply water pumps for at least some of the crash box 14 hp cars. Thanks to a generous donation by a former member, the SA Branch has a large number of 14hp parts.  Andrew Christophersen has patterns for the so-called “new” 20hp water pumps.  The Club is considering having replacement castings made for other pre-war Armstrong  Siddeley cars.


Our website contains interesting reading about the history of pre-war Armstrong Siddeley cars and the classified section sometimes has cars for sale.

John Graham is currently the Pre-war model contact, so if you have any questions regarding the Pre-war cars please do not hesitate to email or call (02 4356 1788) him.

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