The President's Page

Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia - President's Report

December 2015

As we arrive in December and the year draws to a close, I would like to remind you to please renew your annual membership in a timely manner.

This is particularly so, if you have a motorcar on club plates. If you do not have current membership and you use your club registered motor vehicle you probably don't have registration, third party insurance or comprehensive insurance cover either, so naturally you do so at your own risk.

We are now moving into a phase of our annual branch Christmas functions.  I hope these are warm and successful and perhaps a way to draw-in some past members. Please use the opportunity if you have the chance.

I am pleased to report that we will finish the year with 15 new members. But, as Penn would say, it is incumbent upon each of us to be alert to possible new members, which will help us to maintain a vibrant and sustainable Club.

In our next issue, I'll report back to you on most of the outcomes and work of our next Board Meeting, which is to be held on Saturday, 5 December. We have quite a number of interesting items on the agenda.

Please also think about supporting the Tweed Rally and the subsequent Bundaberg run. It looks like we've got a fantastic venue for the Rally and an extraordinary run to Bundaberg to see the progress of the restoration of the Bert Hinkler Armstrong Siddeley which we, as a Club, are supporting.

For a small single make car club it's important to remember that we really punch above our weight. We have a worldwide recognised spare parts operation together with a large range of support and other activities to help you keep your Armstrong Siddeleys on the road and satisfy your interest in the marque. We have a first-class magazine and Website. This is provided by a wide range of volunteers and it is incumbent upon all of us to acknowledge and thank those people who give up their time in supporting our membership in these activities that are so critical to success.

On that note, I would personally like to thank everybody for their contribution towards making our Club what it is today. I value your contribution, and where you are able, your participation.
Please wish me luck, as I have promised to teach Michelle how to drive the Sapphire in the coming months. She first took the wheel at Luskintyre Airfield in the Hunter Valley, when she was 18 months old. She stood on the front seat to steer the motorcar and was extraordinary pleased with herself. Here's hoping her success continues.

Finally, on behalf of Tanya, Michelle, James and myself, I would like to wish you a happy, holy and safe Christmas. Take the time to cherish your nearest and dearest and may I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year, for 2016.

Yours in Siddeley motoring,

Hugh Boulter
ASCC President.