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Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia - President's Report

January 2015

Happy New Year to you all - the start of a new year so often has the freshness of a new page on which the year ahead marks its images of activity.

The Armstrong Siddeley in Australia project managed by Director Ian Handley is commencing this year. The project aims to identify sources of information relating to Armstrong Siddeley history in this country. We have our own records, libraries and collections in Club hands. Miriam Bradly and her family have generously donated the Bradly Collection to us and we thank them most sincerely for the donation.

The Bradly Collection joins the John Bull Collection and the Lindsay Collection as our main Club Collections. However there are other records held in Newspaper Archives, National, State and Regional Libraries and other areas that require identification and location to provide the greater story. Ian Handley has provided two articles explaining the project in greater detail in the Southern Sphinx and on the Website.

I am delighted to announce that Selwyn Allen has accepted the position of ASCC Historian. We are extremely fortunate to have a person of Selwyn’s long and dedicated Armstrong Siddeley experience to follow Penn Bradly as our historian. Selwyn can be contacted by using the following email address . I certainly thank Selwyn for accepting this new role and wish him every success in the capacity of Historian for the ASCC.

During 2014 we enjoyed strong membership growth. I indicated to your Board at the December Meeting that I believed 2015 should be regarded as a year for planning, development and consolidation. We have new members who bring with them new ideas and enthusiasm. It is an opportunity to welcome and embrace this new thinking, building on the best combination of new and existing thoughts.

In the course of the Club Year positions at Board, Club and Branch level become available. We should actively encourage members to come forward into these positions giving of their thoughts, knowledge and experience for our mutual benefit. New members who find our activities unsatisfying will leave our fold. Their ability to contribute unfulfilled and the Club’s opportunity to benefit sadly lost.

Inwardly I pale when I hear the comment that traditionally we have done things in a certain way. One recalls talking to a man who mentioned he had done things a certain way for forty years and I commented, “But what if you have done it the wrong way forty times?” As I have stated to the Board and I say to all our members 2015 should be regarded as a year for planning, development and consolidation. Please take the opportunity, use it wisely and be involved.

The role of Model Contact for 346 Sapphires is currently vacant and is to be advertised in the Southern Sphinx. Our model contacts don’t claim to be ‘experts’, and some have considerable experience in other models. The model contacts generously offer their knowledge and time to assist members with technical and other queries, and are considered a first point of contact for assistance through the club.

Tina and I are both looking forward to the rally at Broken Hill in May. It is a great location and I understand it is attracting good early bookings. At present the SA committee have been vigorous in planning, developing and promoting the Rally. Publicity has been enthusiastic and wide spread. Now the effort needs to translate into participants.

Until next time,
Happy Motoring,

Tony Carter
ASCC President