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Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia - President's Report

October 2015

Social Media and the ASCC

On his first day in office, our new Prime Minister said words to the effect that we need to embrace new technology in this new and exciting age. I am doing just that. I am sitting under a canopy of our camper trailer in the Bournda National Park, on the NSW south coast. As I type on a portable bluetooth keyboard connected to my iphone, never has it been easier to be connected to the outside world.

Part of the social media strategy of the ASCC is to have a fully-integrated online presence. Managing the media profile for a single make car club in the digital era is time consuming and depending on your view, a costly enterprise. But, it also with it some important benefits.

In this day and age, I believe it would be difficult to have a traditional media presence without a website and to a lesser extent a Facebook page. These are the two mediums that most people doing research will make their initial investigations and form their judgements about us. Clearly, there are exceptions to the rule, but we only need to target the majority. Facebook is one area which we need to refresh for the Club in the coming months. This includes linking the Facebook page and the Website and vica versa. Some of these things are small, but they do make a real difference to non-member's perceptions.

The real key here is to provide meaningful, and timely information to both members and prospective members. It is important to note that none of this changes the reason for our existence as a car club. That is to meet with likeminded people and use and understand our cars for pleasure, deepen and strengthen our friendships, and to attend events like our annual rally, and other monthly events which is the true measure of our success.

In fact, if anything, the digital age is only strengthening the place of the ASCC and other car clubs at the heart of our classic car communities, because of our ability to get closer and closer to real-time communication. We as a club, don't need to be a trend leader or early adopter in our social media presence, but nor can we afford  to be left behind in the use of new digital platforms.

As foreshadowed in my last column, shortly we will commence a new national fortnightly news letter, given that we are formally moving to a bi-monthly magazine. The production of a bi-monthly magazine has been the informal arrangement for some time, and has occurred for a range of reasons. It has now come to the point that the cost of postage has become a significant issue for the club, and so I believe that it is appropriate to make the call formally.

In conclusion, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Peter Hills and Ray Withy for their outstanding contribution to the ASCC for our current website. The website is not only our face to the world but is becoming our repository for key information as a Club. Ray and Peter's cumulative efforts are nothing short of extraordinary and I would very much ask each and every member to reach out to Peter and thank him. The new Webmasters will be Karen and Hugh McMinn and I also thank them for offering their services on an expanded scale.  And, to some extent, it does provide some economies of scale to have both the magazine and the website managed together.  So, thank you to Peter, Ray, Hugh and Karen.

I am also delighted to let you know that we are now up to our tenth new member for the year. Please reach out to all our new members and make them welcome.

Yours in Siddeley motoring,

Hugh Boulter
ASCC President.