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Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia - President's Report

December 2014

The Christmas Season is with us and it is a time for many things, for Family and Friends. We have new beginnings with the expectations of Christmas as a celebration and a fresh new year before us all. Fortunately it is an event that has its origins in the mists of time withstanding the times of sadness and happiness in equal measure.

This year saw the loss of three Club stalwarts in close succession, Penn Bradly, Peter Mitchell and Nelson McMinn.

How an organisation prepares for the future says much about those who remain and build on the legacy of us all. Much has been written of Penn’s great contribution. It is appropriate that I write about Peter and Nelson.

Peter Mitchell was a man of strong convictions. The Echuca Rally alone showed the wonderful energy foresight and purpose which he was capable of bringing to the club. Peter’s background in the Lions movement gave something extra to his perception of how we could forge ahead. I have met many members of Lions and their dedication to contributing in their community is so often a hallmark of their lives.

We in the ASCC were very fortunate to have the benefit of Peter’s input during the time he served on the Board, as a Member, as Treasurer and Secretary. He challenged conventional wisdoms and conveyed his views and ideas with energy. His health robbed us of a great mover and shaker passionate about cars.

Nelson McMinn, a man of a slightly earlier era gave to us in a different way. Nan and Nelson contributed the family McMinn. Nelson’s name features as an original member of the ASCC on incorporation. He is acknowledged as Club Secretary when the Australian Club bid for the vast quantity of parts acquired by the ASOC. One ponders just how many NSW Monthly Meetings took place at Nelson and Nan’s home over the years since the Club’s formation. Hugh, our current Southern Sphinx Editor has served as our President. It is difficult to fathom the depth and value of Nelson’s stalwart support for the club. Significantly though Nelson McMinn is now very much part of our Club History.

To these families I extend the thoughts and sympathy of our members and in the memories of both Peter and Nelson say thank you for the individual contributions to the Armstrong Siddeley family.

To our Armstrong Siddeley family, Tina and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may we all hope for a Happy New Year.

Tony Carter
ASCC President