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Club Members are advised to be wary of a couple of scammers who target motoring enthusiasts who have cars or car parts for sale.

We are sadened to report that a number of original Smith Instruments have been stolen in a targeted theft from one of our Queensland Members. The most likely source for on-selling by the theives would be online auctions or through Car Club classifieds. Please keep an eye out for "suspicious" offers of instruments for sale and advise the webmaster of their existance.

FOR SALE: 2HA Sapphire Rear Axle

The axle comes complete; brake drum to brake drum.
The diff centre will fit straight into a 16/18hp rear axle without modification.  The change in diff ratio will give the car an increased cruising speed, less engine noise at given speeds and  improved fuel consumption.

PRICE: $450.

Enquiries to Brian Watt on 0427 95 8540 or by email.


FOR SALE: 1954 3.4 Litre

4-speed pre-selector gearbox. The car is in good condition.

PRICE: $12,000.

The vehicle may be inspected at The Ginger Factory
50 Pioneer Road, Yandina QLD 4561
 between the hours of  9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily

Enquiries to (07) 5447 8431 or 0431 70 1653 or by email.


WANTED: 18HP MK II Spare Parts for the Hinkler Project

The following parts are needed:

  • Speedo
  • Oil pressure guage
  • A Lucas tail light

Price: Negotialble

Please email Tom Smethurst if you are able to assist.


FOR SALE: 234 Sapphire

The car is complete but the engine does not run.

PRICE: $4,000.

Enquiries to Chris Rule at Albury Electroplaters on (02) 6021 1205.


FOR SALE: A 14/4 (14HP 4 cylinder) C 20290 E 15307

Broadway Saloon with a Burlington body. All jewellery included and in working order (Side and Head Lamps, clock etc). It has a 6 volt electrical system.

  • 3 spare motors
    Spare front and rear axel
    New water pump
    Reconditioned BTH magneto
    20 inch wheels

Photos are available on request. The car is in the Lockyer Valley, Qld.

Price: Negotiable

Enquiries to Wayne on 0435341080 or by email..


WANTED: 346 Sapphire Bootlid

I would appreciate help in finding a straight, rust free bootlid for a Sapphire to complete a rebuild.

If you have one surplus to your needs, please contact me.

Price: Negotialble

Please contact Brian Watt on 0427 95 8540 or by email.