Website update log 2014.
Last years update log is available here
April 3rd The event calendar has been updated and a classified ad has been withdrawn.
March 20th The Club's "Articles Of Association" and "Memorandum Of Association Version 2013" have been uploaded within the Documents Tab in the Members-only Section of the website.
March 17th The NSW Branch event calendar has been updated.
March 11th Our President has updated his webpage. A PDF-format copy of "If All Else Fails" has been added to the Members-only Technical Section.
March 7th The NSW Branch event calendar has been updated. Note the change of date for the April monthly meeting.
March 3rd Athol Duncans Sapphire has been sold and removed from our classified ads.
February 28th The NSW Branch event calendar has been updated.
February 21st There is a new Documents tab in the members-only Section under which we will consolidate all Club-centric materials such as the Club Constitution, Annual Reports etc. Members can also take a look at a new slideshow of modified Armstrong Siddeleys.
February 17th We've added a photo gallery of the restoration of a 1950 Hurricane and there's a new classified ad.
February 12th The February/March edition of the Southern Sphinx is now available online and the Branch Events Calendar has been updated.
February 11th Sid has updated his webpage with some photos of a 30HP he took while travelling in Victoria and he has another "shoebox photo" for Member's input.
February 3rd Our first 2014 classified ad has been posted.
January 28th Sid has finally updated his Blog with his report on the Victorian Goldfields Weekend and the 2014 Membership form has been uploaded.
January 17th A couple of cars in the classified ads have been withdrawn from sale.
January 14th Our President has updated his webpage and additional information has been added to the National Rally webpage.
January 13th The NSW Branch event calendar has been updated.
January 6th A new Spare Parts pricelist has been uploaded.